Improving Memory Loss w/ Light & Photobiomodulation - Lew Lim

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Lew Lim discusses ways to optimize brain health with light and photobiomodulation.

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03:15 Dr. Lim’s first device for home use was developed at a time when low level laser equipment was big and expensive.
04:58 Sometimes using the device brings permanent restoration. Sometimes it requires multiple sessions.
05:12 Photobiomodulation literally means light, biology and changes. It happens when we are in the sun.
06:17 Photobiomodulation works on mitochondria.
09:02 Mitochondria respond to infrared and red light spectrum leads to our genes triggering recovery and healing, encouraging the multiplication of cells, mitogenesis, and preventing early apoptosis.
10:36 Red light and infrared light therapy is accepted as a treatment for improving circulation, body pain and injury.
11:06 Infrared goes deep. Red light treats the superficial level, so it is good for skin conditions. Blue light is antimicrobial.
11:37 Neurons in our brains respond to red and infrared.
13:57 There is a wavelength and intensity sweet spot where low level laser is effective and not harmful. Wavelengths need to be in the action spectrum.
16:18 Dr. Lim has developed a device that selectively points at strategic areas of the brain.
17:26 The default mode network is the template network for your brain. When you are not performing a task, this network kicks in.
18:36 Most people with Alzheimer’s have lesions in the areas of the brain where the active nodes/junctions for the default mode network reside.
19:49 Lab studies show that neurons that are damaged by oxidative stress, regrow their axons, dendrites and neurites with this therapy.
20:39 Red light and infrared light elevates the power of higher frequency brainwaves.
21:41 Attention deficit disorder correlates with too much power in the slower brainwave.
23:20 Gamma is characterized by heightened awareness, high oscillations and faster processing.
24:42 The Alpha state is the meditative state for most of us.
26:00 Photobiomodulation modalities can be used effectively to help with competitive performance and recovery.
27:36 Alpha is probably better with golfers and shooters who need to be in a calm state.
28:36 Alpha is usually recommended for head trauma therapy.
30:56 EEG is a diagnostic measurement of your brain electrical signals.
34:00 Directing gamma to the brain elevates gamma, beta and alpha and downregulates lower oscillation states.
37:13 Gamma pulsing at 40 Hz activates microglia in the brain, whose function is to remove unwanted byproducts in the brain.
39:45 Alpha at positive 10 Hz will get you into a more relaxed state and could be helpful with sleep. Photobiomodulation at 10 Hz may help with stress.
40:53 Photobiomodulation, via Dr. Lim’s devices, is being studied in conjunction with traumatic brain injury, cognitive deficits, Parkinson’s, ADHD and dementia.
45:00 The nose is an easy way to reach the circulatory system and the brain..
52:26 Red light and infrared light therapy can sometimes be helpful with epilepsy, which can be caused by a variety of things that happen in the brain.
54:43 Photobiomodulation is safe at the power used in Dr. Lim’s devices.
58:32 Dr. Lim’s devices are designed for adults. Nasal devices are for ages 5 and up. Kids don’t like it, so parents put them on while the child sleeps.
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