Fasting & Keto Comments Answered | Week of 11/12/18

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Fasting & Keto Comments Answered | Week of 11/12/18 - Thomas DeLauer

One of the best ways that I can stay close to my subscribers is by answering questions. So this is a dedicated video answering common keto and intermittent fasting questions. Specifically from comments that were posted on videos the week of November 12th 2018 but there's some really good stuff in here.

So the first video I wanna talk about was a video that I posted that said, Seven Ways to Eat More Fats on the Keto Diet. So this is a video that broke down how to add more fats into your diet 'cause it's quite honestly, it's kinda hard to add fats into your diet. You don't always realize it until you're in the thick of it, that suddenly you need more fats. You need more fats and you can't just add coconut oil to everything. So I gave a bunch of solutions here. I have some different things that you can do, adding some mayonnaise or using tahini. So there's some good questions that came up.

Turbotomass says, "What about the fact that lean protein increases insulin, the fat storing hormone, which opposes that fat burning hormone glucagon?"

So what he's referring to is the fact that I recommend eating lean protein and adding your fats from side sources, from plant sources and from nuts and from oils and things like that, rather than just trusting the meat source. So he says that lean protein produces an insulin spike. Actually, lean protein and fatty gets a protein, both create an insulin spike. Lean protein slightly more but not that much compared to consuming regular protein.

So if you were to consume a chicken breast or a chicken thigh, the insulin affect is not that different. So you far supersede the negative effect by having the bad fats then you would by having a small spike of insulin coming from the protein.

Kaiserin Yoleba says, "Clear up the protein after fast thing because in one video, you said to take rice cakes right after with protein. In another video you said it's too sensitive to add protein."

Yeah so it all depends what you're doing, if you're not on a keto diet, I recommend having some rice cakes with your protein because you're actually gonna spike your insulin, allow the protein to be absorbed, you're already having carbs so who cares if you spike your insulin.

If you are on a keto diet, that's where you want to be a little-bit more careful because your keto diet, you're not gonna want to just add a bunch of fat and protein, that's a lot for the gut. So I recommend keeping it a little-bit easier. You can have a little-bit of protein right after you break your fast or you can have a little-bit of fat right after your fast. I just don't recommend having both together 'cause it's a little-bit hard on the gut.

Now if you're not doing keto, then again, rice cake or something that's a little-bit higher glycemic is okay to have with your protein.

Sairam SuperSaiyan says, "Is it okay to break a fast with bullet-proof coffee with your college in combo. I believe it will support gut lining post IF considering it'll be a lunch replacement?"

You can, that's a lot of fat to take in at one sitting right when you're breaking a fast. I would say maybe reduce the fat content by half and then you'd be okay.

Okay the next video, "Intermittent Fasting Changes Your Fat Cells via VEGF" it was a long winded title. Basically it talked about how fasting improves what is called Vaso Endothelial growth factor. Basically grows new blood vessels but does a lot of interesting things, very intriguing video that shows how fasting changes your fat cells to become more a brown adypus tissue, brown fat vs white fat. More metabolically active fat that can actually burn fat vs white fat that just sits on your body and basically does nothing.

HD EDITS says, "How come I notice myself getting more prone to being cold during my fast?"

Usually a fast will constriction thing. People think it's their metabolisms throwing down, not usually the case, it's usually hydration and Vaso constriction. I get that way too, my hands and feet get all cold but that's actually how I know it's kind of working too.

That sums up the comments that came in through the videos that week. Obviously there were hundreds of comments but I have to cherry pick the ones that are gonna create the best content so, make sure you go through the videos that I mentioned and add comments. Whenever I post a video, add a comment, ask questions. This is where I get my material, I learn from you guys. So as always make sure you're keeping it locked in here in my channel and I'll see you in the next video.
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