Diving into Gut Health with Dr. Megan Rossi | The Dr. Axe Show | Podcast Episode 05

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This week Dr. Axe is joined by Dr. Megan Rossi, aka the Gut Health Doctor. Dr. Rossi is one of the most influential gut health specialists in the world and holds an award-winning PhD in gut health. Dr. Axe and Dr. Rossi discuss the gut-brain connection and how impactful the gut is in a variety of medical conditions.

In Episode 05 of The Dr. Axe Show ft. Dr. Megan Rossi, we cover:
∙ 1:20 - Meet Dr. Megan Rossi and learn how she got her start as "The Gut Doctor"
∙ 6:41 - The most prominent gut-related issues, and how to heal them
∙ 9:38 - How gut health can affect our mental state
∙ 12:24 - Key foods that can help repopulate the gut microbiome
∙ 15:18 - Supplements vs. whole food probiotics
∙ 16:42 - Best whole foods that are high in polyphenols
∙ 18:30 - Why it takes time to translate research into practice
∙ 20:22 - The "Do No Harm" Debate
∙ 23:21 - LOW FODMAP 101
∙ 28:05 - SIBO 101
∙ 34:45 - Dr. Rossi's daily diet
∙ 37:28 - Why Dr. Megan Rossi doesn't usually take supplements
∙ 38:58 - How to determine if you should be taking a supplement
∙ 42:32 - How you can find Dr. Megan Rossi's new book, Eat Yourself Healthy
∙ and even more!

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