Elle Russ: How to Get Confident, Ditch Bad Vibes & Say ‘NO’ with Style

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Ready to boost your confidence?

Don't underestimate the power and importance of morale right now.

In the age of internet memes, celebrity gossip, social media, clickbait articles and online haters, it's easy to get pulled into that vortex of negativity.

Trust me, we get plenty of hate, especially these days. But you’ve got to keep going.

So, how can we ditch those bad vibes and get the confidence we need to take back control of our lives?

To help us out, today we're here with Elle Russ, the best-selling author, a TV and film writer, comedian, and host of the popular Primal Blueprint Podcast.

We're chatting about…
* How to ditch jealousy and bad vibes
* Why our confidence is under attack and what to do about it—this one's really important
* How to speak up and say ‘no’
* How comedy helps us find the edges
* And tons more.

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