Ask Me Anything: Simple Snack Strategy, Cycling Foods & What I Really Think of Clif Bars

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Since I've been getting loads of questions from you folks and we now have semi-reliable internet up here in the mountains, I decided to do a surprise “Ask Me Anything” livestream.

I can't believe how many people joined in to ask questions. I wasn’t able to get to all of them during the livestream, so afterwards I answered a few more which you’ll be able to hear today as we get this kicked off.

In this Ask Me Anything, you’re about to learn:

*Simple Snacks for families, performers, UPS drivers, and other people on the go
* Benefits of drinking a green smoothie (and what happened when one accidentally fermented in the front seat of our car in Texas)
* What I really think of Clif Bars (and other bars marketed to athletes and outdoorsy types)
*And tons more...I hope you enjoy.

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