Keto Starbucks Guide | How to Order Food and Drinks (VLOG)


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Keto Starbucks Guide | How to Order Food and Drinks (VLOG) - Thomas DeLauer

Starbucks - Meals

Egg White and Red Pepper Sous Vide Bites (Cal 170, Pro 13g, Carbs
13g, Fib 1g)

RF Turkey Bacon, Cheddar and Egg White Sandwich (Cal 230, Pro 16g, Carbs 28g, Fib 2g)

Grab-and-Go Snacks

Note: Snack selection will vary per location.

Moon Cheese
Field Trip Jerky (Beef or Turkey)
Starbucks Avocado Spread

“Keto Breakfast of Champions”

Sous Vide Egg Bites: Bacon & Gruyere
Dark Roast Coffee with
One “shot” (1 fl oz) heavy cream
Total Macros: Calories 418; Fat 33g; Net Carbs 9.8g; Protein 20.6g

**Eat the inside on the sandwich**

Starbucks now offers ‘protein boxes.’ Sure, the ingredients can still be kind of carb-y, but at least they’re easy to separate out. No exact carb counts available.

Eggs and Cheese Protein Box – Hard boiled eggs, cheddar and peanut butter are all okay. Since Starbucks’ staff is usually friendly and accommodating, you could ask to replace the apples and pita with extra cheese, cucumber slices, or peanut butter.

Smoked Turkey Protein Box – You’ll have to toss the bread and the carrots and apple slices aren’t ideal, but the turkey, Swiss and ranch dressing are all a-okay for keto.

Chicken BLT Protein Box – Same as for the turkey, pass on the bread, apples and carrots, but the bacon and antibiotic-free chicken along with ranch dressing should still fill you up.

The Chicken Wrap Protein Box has too much hidden sugar. It’d be hard to eat anyway without the tortilla. The other choices like Chicken with Quinoa, Black Beans and Greens also have too many carbs.

*tablespoon of heavy cream has about 50 calories and 5 grams of fat.*

*sugar-free syrups (regardless of how many pumps): zero calories, no sugar and no fat*

Low Carb Pink Drink (one pump sugar-free)
How to order: Passion tango tea, sugar-free syrup, and heavy (or light) creamer. Venti [ 103 Cal., 1 Carbs, 11 Fat, 0 Sugar ]

Keto White Drink
How to order: Unsweetened Peach Citrus White Tea with a splash of heavy cream, 2-4 pumps of sugar-free vanilla syrup, no water, and light ice. Grande - [ 45 Cal., 11 Carbs, 0 Fat, 0 Sugar ]

Low Carb Americano
How to order: Americano with heavy cream.

Low Carb Flat White
How to order: Flat white, no steamed milk, half-heavy whipping cream, half water steamed.

Skinny Caramel Macchiato
No Drizzle w/ almond milk
Iced Chai Latte
"chai tea with a splash of heavy cream and X pumps of sugar-free vanilla,” or an "iced lightly sweet chai latte, no liquid cane, breve.
Keto Diet
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