I’m Trying the Carnivore Diet for 2 Weeks: Self Experimentation

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Carnivore Challenge: I'm Trying Carnivore Diet for 2 Weeks: Self Experimentation - Thomas DeLauer

I'm going carnivore for a couple of weeks. Have I lost my darn mind? First, I did a three day bone broth fast, then I did two weeks of vegan keto, now I'm talking about going polar opposite and doing a couple weeks of carnivore where I only eat meat. What the heck am I doing?

I'm not being some zealot with each individual protocol, I'm doing my own self-experimentation because it's the only way that I can bring good content. If I understand how something works, not only do I firsthand learn how it works, but I also force myself to dive into the research and be passionate about the research. I'm already passionate about the research to a degree, but if I'm doing it and I'm waist deep in the process, of course I'm gonna dive into the research even more.

Now, I can't speak to that personally, but I'm gonna try it out, because honestly, I need to figure it out. And that whole response of bringing your body back down to baseline is very intriguing to me, because what I think is going to happen is at the end of two weeks when I start reintroducing foods, I'm gonna find which foods I was really sensitive to.

For example, I'm gonna pull out all of my foods and go right back to meat and fattier cuts of meat, etc, etc. When I reintroduce almonds for instance, I might find that I feel terrible, showing me that maybe I had an intolerance to almonds all along. So this is really interesting to me.

on May 13th, what I'm going to do is I'm going to post a video and it's going to break down a suggested meal plan, it's going to break down how long we're gonna do this, it's gonna break down a few things. Basically, I'm gonna tell you what I think you should eat and what I think you should do.

Normally I feel like fattier cuts of meat have high omega 6 profiles, which is gonna cause a lot of inflammation in our body, etc, etc. But in this case, in order to get our fats in, we're gonna need to eat fattier cuts of meat. So I've accepted that. But that's also why I'm making sure that I'm getting good quality, high omega 3, grass fed, grass finished meats whenever I possibly can.

I reached out to Butcher Box when I told them that I was doing this, and I asked if they would sponsor the event by providing me with the meat that I was gonna need for it, and they generously offered to create special discounts for my fans that are doing the carnivore challenge along with me. So that means that literally, if you wanna get your meat and get your beef and chicken and everything cheaper than what you would get at the grocery store for this challenge, there's a link down in the description below that's gonna let you get it at a discount, but also get it delivered directly to your doorstep, so you don't even have to go to the grocery store. And that way, you can add on however much you need for this carnivore challenge.

One thing I will say, and I talked to Dr. Sean Baker, who's kind of the founder and the godfather of the carnivore diet, I chatted with him, he recommended that you slowly start getting fiber out of the diet leading up to it. So I recommend a couple weeks before, as soon as you can, start slowly reducing fiber. That way, you don't have a negative response when you go very low or no fiber on this carnivore diet. So I'm gonna start weaning myself off now, just so that I don't have an issue. The last thing I wanna have is digestive issues.

And just so that you do know, there will be regularly scheduled programming still going on during the challenge. It's not gonna just take over for two weeks.
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