Dr. Alan Christianson: Metabolism Reset, Liver Health & Why You Can’t Hack a Garden

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Can dieting cause you to gain weight, instead of lose it?

It happens sometimes. We seem to be living in a world where each day seems to bring new science that cancels out all past assessments.

So how do we know if we're eating the right foods for our particular body's needs?

Well, returning to the show this week to help us figure it all out is Dr. Alan Christianson.

Dr. Christianson is a naturopathic endocrinologist who focuses on thyroid function, adrenal health and metabolism. He’s also a very talented off-road unicyclist. Really. And yes that’s a thing. I have proof.

On this who the show with Dr. Christianson, you're about to learn:

* Why you can't hack a garden
* The drawbacks of over-exercising
* Why the liver decides if you gain or lose fat
* How being healthy these days is a fluke, and why we should embrace that
* And tons more.

Let's go hang out with the doc.

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