How to Dose & Stack Creatine for Mental Boost (Legal Nootropic)

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How to Dose & Stack Creatine for Mental Boost (Legal Nootropic) - Thomas DeLauer

Creatine is a substance naturally produced in the body from amino acids (formed from the combination of the amino acids arginine and glycine) - most of it is stored in muscle cells and released during physical activity

Creatine supplements are commonly purchased to raise muscle creatine stores, which enhances exercise performance and helps build muscles

Importance of Creatine

Our cells run on energy supplied by ATP (think of ATP as the gasoline of the body) - whether we fuel up with glucose or ketones, eventually they get transformed into ATP, which powers energy-requiring processes

We will obviously burn through ATP faster in our muscles when we are running or jumping or performing various feats of strength, but we also burn through ATP faster when we are using our brains for something complicated

Our little brain burns through 20% of the energy we use each day, primarily to keep ion gradients fueled that allow our neurons to charge up and then be discharged to communicate information

Creatine can bind to phosphate (P) to make phosphocreatine, and this acts as a "buffer" to make ATP quick

Turns out we can make ATP 12 times faster using phosphate reserves from phosphocreatine than by using the standard method of oxidative phosphorylation and a whopping 70 times faster than making ATP de novo

*Creatine isn’t specifically a muscle building supplement, it’s an energy building supplement*

Creatine & ATP

(ATP) is an adenosine with three phosphate groups attached

When our cells need energy, our mitochondria (our cells batteries) break off a phosphate molecule and when the bond is broken it releases energy that the cell can use to get things done

This converts ATP to ADP (adenosine Diphosphate), which cannot be used for energy production
There is only so much ATP available within a given amount of time, which means that the more energy your body demands, the quicker ATP will run out and your body will fatigue

Creatine is stored in the body as Creatine-Phosphate - so when ATP becomes ADP, creatine comes in to save the day by providing it’s phosphate back to ADP so that it can become “recharged” and become ATP again, which can then be used for energy

Creatine is essentially an energy recycler and booster

Creatine & The Brain

The next biggest storehouse of creatine, after your muscles, is your brain cells - your brain uses 20% of your body's total energy usage every single day and the more you use your brain, the quicker you drain your ATP reserves

Creatine helps revive your brain cells in a similar fashion to your muscles cells, it helps “refill” your ATP supply so that your brain can continue to perform at it’s best longer

Therefore creatine can be classified as a Nootropic

Mental Fatigue & Memory

A study published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences
took two groups of vegetarians and vegans

One group was given 5g of creatine/day over a 6-week period, while the second group received placebos

Both groups were given IQ tests at the beginning and completion of the 6-week study

The group supplementing with creatine saw their IQ's go up an average of 20% over the 6-week period while the group receiving placebos saw no significant change

Enhancing Nootropic Effect

Four Sigmatic’s Lion’s Mane & Reishi

Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) is a neurotrophic protein that is guided into production by the BDNF gene

It is also considered a neuropeptide, or a molecule that resembles a protein and is used by neurons for communication.

Neurons in the brain use Nerve Growth Factor to communicate within short distances - neurons also use NGF for maintenance, development and practical functioning in our central and peripheral nervous systems

Essentially, the peripheral nervous system collects sensory messages (in the form of neurons) from the body

Then, it sends these neural messages to the central nervous system for interpretation by the brain.

NGF has shown to be present in the hippocampus, which is associated with memory

Both lion’s mane and reishi mushrooms have been shown to activate the production of NGF in the brain


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