What is Hepatitis C?

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Dr. Berg talks about what is hepatitis C and some alternative things you can do to minimize the damage from this condition. Hepa means “liver” and titis means “inflammation of”. Hepatitis C virus is a very specific virus that invades the liver cells and creates a lot of inflammation and damage which is transmitted by blood. It can't be transmitted through kissing someone, but mainly through a dirty needles, transfusion, sex (if involves breaking a blood vessel) and even (rarely) getting a tattoo or acupuncture.

Hepatitis C virus actually mimics the LDL or low density lipoprotein. When you have this condition, you are more at risk of getting diabetes, cirrhosis and cancer. But 10 to 50% of this the cases of hepatitis C spontaneously resolved mainly in younger people and females.

Symptoms of Hepatitis C
• Fatigue
• Weight Loss
• Nausea
• Joint Pain
• Muscle Pain
• Loss of Cognitive Function

Inflammation as a result from Hepatitis C virus could cause insulin resistance. Where the insulin is trying to connect to the cell and the cell receptors is resistive of that hormone that result to not getting the feedback loop to turn off the insulin and the body starts making more insulin. Every time you have inflammation, you will also get a lot of oxidative stress. The combination of insulin resistance or high insulin and inflammation would cause double damage to the liver. Cancer has the tendency to spread in the areas of inflammation.

What to Do? (Antioxidants)
1. Milk Thistle
2. Ascorbic Acid
3. L-Glutamine
4. Alpha-Lipoic Acid
5. Alph-Tocopherol
6. B-Complex
7. NAC/Selenium/SAMe

Food Based Antioxidants
• Parsley
• Kale
• Cruciferous Vegetables

Things to Do to Reduce Oxidative Stress
1. Intermittent Fasting
2. Cruciferous Vegetables
3. Ketogenic Diet
4. Avoid Alcohol
5. Minimize Medication
6. Stress

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