Why Does Our Thymus Shrink to Nothing As We Age?

Why does your thymus gland shrink as you age? Knowing this could save your immune system.


0:00 What is the thymus gland?
0:33 Why your thymus shrinks with age
1:22 Thymus involution risks
2:03 The three types of thymus cells
3:14 What thymus shrinkage means for COVID-19 risks
3:57 How to support your thymus gland health
5:16 One additional way you can support thymus health

In this video, I want to talk about the thymus gland and why it shrinks down as you get older. The thymus is a gland located beneath your breastbone, right on top of the heart. It is the training center for your immune cells—specifically for T-cells.

When you’re an infant, your thymus gland is very large. As it’s exposed to pathogens, it becomes smaller and smaller. By the time you’re 75-years-old, it is virtually replaced by fat. This is known as thymic involution or thymic atrophy. As the thymus shrinks, your risk of infection, cancer, and autoimmune disease increases.

A decreased level of antioxidants is believed to be the cause of thymic involution. Without antioxidants, you have excessive oxidation, which kills off important cells. If this is true, it follows that consuming plenty of leafy green vegetables is beneficial for preventing thymic involution.

The thymus is involved in the creation of three cells:
1. T-cells - these are antiviral, anti-tumor, and antibacterial
2. T-helper cell - these are the commanders of the entire immune system
3. T-regulatory/T-suppressor cells - these help suppress an overactive immune system

By age 65, your diversity of these cells is diminished significantly.

When it comes to COVID-19, you are very unlikely to die from this virus if you are under 65. However, after 65, your risk significantly increases. This could be linked to thymus function.

The question is, what can we do? Why we can’t control aging, we can control our health and other factors.
1. Increase antioxidants
2. Lower stress
3. Increase zinc

You can also take a thymus extract, which will help support your thymus health and immune system.

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Thanks for watching. I hope this video helped you understand how the thymus gland works, and why the thymus shrinks with age.
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