Fasted Exercise & Fat Loss w/ Thomas DeLauer

After losing over 50 lbs of fat, Thomas was featured on the cover of many fitness magazines over the past 10 years. In this chat he discusses key strategies used to help lose body fat, build muscle and improve his health.

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02:47 Thomas follows a targeted ketogenic diet. He applies carbs at specific times. He has fun with the experimentation.
03:40 Ketogenic diet is a tool for improving cognitive function. He shifts to more keto when he is doing endurance workouts. He adds carbs as a backloading system to maintain a specific look or stay lean.
04:36 Protein synthesis stays elevated for 24 hours after a workout. It is not more extreme in the first 30 to 60 minutes post workout.
05:30 Thomas makes his own healthy Gatorade.
06:00 When you are on a ketogenic diet, your body is efficient at storing glycogen. It requires less. There is no need to reload.
06:30 After a hypertrophy workout is a great time to back load.
08:40 Thomas changes one variable at a time.
10:49 Exercise is a catalyst for the diet to do the rest.
12:41 Thomas trains fasted. It changed his body and gets the most metabolic response.
13:24 About 14 to 16% more intramyocellular lipids are burned when you train fasted over non-fasted.
14:25 Fasted workouts increase mitochondrial density and efficiency.
15:17 In a fasted state, in the presence of ketones, you have muscle sparing mechanisms in place.
18:17 Through the proper utilization of compound movements, Thomas gets a good deal of auxiliary muscle recruitment.
21:30 There are different levels of hypertrophy.
28:02 Branch chain aminos are not part of Thomas’ pre or intra-workout regime.
29:19 You may be able to put on decent muscle as a vegan, but it is a complex process to get adequate protein.
33:40 Thomas wishes that he had known more about mobility and with mobility comes strength.
35:20 Pick your one channel and be consistent with it to be an effective influencer.
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