Keto Grocery Haul on a Budget!

When I'm low on money I make keto work! You don't have to buy all the expensive, organic, free range, grass-fed meats out there. If you are low on money you can still stay keto. Hope this video gives you guys some ideas for your next grocery trip!
It's hard to believe that it's already almost JULY!
When it rains it pours. I lost my step-dad Calvin to cancer. It has been very hard but we are all grateful he's not suffering anymore. He will surely be missed every day until we all see him again. *We love you so much Papaw. *
Thank you all for sticking around and giving me time to deal with life and still enjoy coming on and reconnecting with each video I put out or post I make.
I'm thankful for you all and I appreciate all of the condolences.


Any questions about food choices or my thoughts/recommendations feel free to comment below!
For even more info join my facebook group Adapting To Keto! ATK is a free closed group so just request to join!) We have such an amazing team that are completely selfless and dedicate so much time and effort into helping others on their keto journey.

Ryan and I literally YOLO'd at the grocery store a couple days ago. I went to WinCo and Costco, I feel it is necessary to share what I got there as well. lol

Until Then.
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