Adrenal Insufficiency and Low Cortisol: Symptoms, Causes & Solutions

What are the symptoms, causes, and solutions for adrenal insufficiency and low cortisol? Watch this detailed video to find out.

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0:00 Intro: Adrenal Insufficiency and Low Cortisol: Symptoms, Causes & Solutions
0:54 Signs of adrenal insufficiency and low cortisol
3:36 What causes Addison's?
6:14 How to use acupressure to relieve adrenal insufficiency

In this video, we're going to talk about adrenal insufficiency and low cortisol. I've talked a lot about the adrenal gland and cortisol, but I want to touch on a condition called Addison's, which is an autoimmune condition.

By the time you notice Addison's complications, over 90% of your adrenal glands are destroyed. This means you're not able to produce enough cortisol and other hormones. Symptoms of this are:
• Fatigue
• Weakness
• Weight loss
• Can't sleep
• Salt cravings
• Low tolerance to stress

Though cortisol helps the body respond to stress, it actually has over 200 other functions throughout the body. It helps regulate blood pressure, immune response, and insulin levels. In fact, it can help counter hypoglycemia.

What causes Addison's? There are three primary things:

1. Tuberculosis
Around 25% of the population has TB. However, it can remain dormant until later in life. I recommend 20,000 IUs of vitamin D to combat TB

2. Fungus
Certain funguses can cause cortisol levels to drop. This often goes unnoticed.

3. Stress and trauma
Both mental and physical stress can cause Addison's disease. Stressors can cause the adrenals to shut down or becomes overwhelmed. I recommend using acupressure to help the adrenal glands function properly. Just to the right of the belly button, use your thumb and middle finger to apply pressure. This will help relieve and extract stress.

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I hope this helps you better understand the symptoms, causes, and solutions to adrenal insufficiency and low cortisol. Watch the rest of this video to see how I use acupressure to address low cortisol.
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