Calorie Deficits Explained: the mTOR & Hormone Crosstalk

We've grossly oversimplified what it means to be in a "calorie deficit or surplus".

Associated video with Thomas DeLauer:

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In this video, we discuss the biology about how our cells rely upon messages from hormones and kinases (mTOR and AMPK) to detect energy status and activate down-stream cellular processes accordingly.

Why care about these cellular switches? Well they're ultimately responsible for how our organs respond to our energy status and demands. BUT...these very kinases also respond to hormones and various non-nutritive factors (cellular stress etc...). So energy balance matters, obviously, but there's more to the story

Key Science Review Mentioned:

Laplante, M., & Sabatini, D. M. (2012). mTOR Signaling in Growth Control and Disease. Cell, 149(2), 274–293.

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