8 Ways to Convince Skeptics to Try Keto

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You ever meet those people that are just so stuck in their ways? They won't listen to anybody about trying to change their life. They sit there and they're complaining, they're miserable, they say they're miserable. They say they can't lose weight, and you try to convince them to try something, and it just doesn't do anything. They don't budge. So, we're going to break it down. I'm going to make it simple, going to make it fun. So sit back, relax, and let's have a blast with this.

Okay. Number one, and this is the one that's going to push a lot of people over to it, but some need more convincing than just this. Massive weight loss compared to any other protocol backed by scientific literature. The Journal Endocrine published a study.

A ketogenic diet group that was moderately low calorie, and a standard diet group that was moderately low calorie. They did this for 24 months, so this was a two year study which actually shows the ketogenic diet is pretty safe, too. Now what they found was pretty interesting.


At the end of two years, here was 8.8 kilogram body fat reduction in the ketogenic diet group versus a 4.4 kilogram body fat reduction in the standard diet group. Now, that's kilograms. You think pounds, that's upwards of 20 pounds in the keto group. So, we're looking at double the weight loss with the exact same amount of calories, just changing ketogenic foods versus non-ketogenic foods.

Okay but then you might be wondering, well, how long can that last? Then you can tell people that are stubborn, "Guess what? You're going to keep that weight off." Not only are there studies that show that it's probably the most sustainable protocol and keeps weight off, there's also studies that show that the metabolism stays elevated.

For example, one study that was published in the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism found that subjects that lost weight with the ketogenic diet maintained their metabolism. 20 patients lost 45 pounds in four months and they found that their resting metabolic rate stayed the same, even after they lost the weight. That is powerful.


There was a study that was done out of the University of South Florida with Volek, and Dom D'Agostino, and Lowery. These are all people that I love. They've done great work in the ketogenic space. Anyhow, they took a look at 25 resistance trained college men, and they wanted to see, hey, could these guys build muscle on a keto diet more than people that are on a standard diet?

So, they had one group go ahead and for 10 weeks eat a ketogenic diet. They had another group for 10 weeks eat a standard diet with carbohydrates, and they measured how much muscle mass they put on. Okay, well, there was a 2.4% increase in muscle mass for the keto diet group, and a 4.4% increase in the standard diet group. So right now you're saying, "Thomas, why are you telling us this? This doesn't make sense. The keto diet group didn't gain as much muscle."


They didn't in the first 10 weeks but what they did at the end of those 10 weeks is with the keto group, they reintroduced a modest amount of carbohydrates. At that point, it catapulted the keto group into massive muscle growth.

They had another 4.8% increase in muscle mass just after introducing some carbohydrates after being keto for 10 weeks, whereas the other group had no change whatsoever. What it was, was a process of insulin sensitivity and some pretty complex things in terms of glycogen, but long story short is, it gave the people that did the ketogenic diet more of a potential to build muscle once carbs were introduced.

Which tells us that from a baseline density standpoint, the ketogenic diet group built more potential muscle and built more dense muscle that was able to inflate when carbohydrates were added. Long story short, the keto group did build more official muscle than the standard diet group.

These are eight reasons I honestly feel like you can use to convince anybody. I think it's going to work, I really do.
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