Dan Quibell: Dropping 20 Pounds in 20 Days with The Bacon Experiment

Ever wonder what would happen if you ate nothing but bacon for an entire month?

In an effort to entice others to try a ketogenic lifestyle, our friend Dan Quibell founded The Bacon Experiment—a challenge he underwent to eat nothing but bacon for 30 days straight.

The results?

He dropped 20 pounds in 20 days! Then he went on to improve many biomarkers of his health and much, much more that we'll get into today.

Dan Quibell is a ketogenic lifestyle and weight loss coach who specializes in helping others achieve a happier and healthier lifestyle using real foods, especially bacon.

On this show with Dan, we’re chatting about:

* Eating bacon, nothing but bacon, for 30 days straight
* Why we should focus on eating real whole foods during stressful times
* Recommendations if you want to try a bacon experiment yourself
* N=1 experimentation, and how to find what’s right for you
* How to get started with a therapeutic ketogenic approach to diet
* And tons more…

Read the show notes: https://fatburningman.com/dan-quibell-dropping-20-pounds-in-20-days-with-the-bacon-experiment-why-the-quality-of-your-meat-matters

Contact Dan for one-on-one private coaching at thebaconexperiment@gmail.com or search for "The Bacon Experiment" on social media.

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