Dr. Srini Pillay: What To Do About Burnout & How To Get Away with Being Different

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Do you know how the media you’re consuming is affecting your brain and mood?

When you’re around negative news, stressed colleagues, and minute-to-minute stock updates, even if you’re not consciously listening to it, your amygdala is on overdrive, and this can lead to subconscious fears, stress and anxiety.

But with a dab of neuroscience, common sense and self-expression, we can rise above the craziness we seem to find ourselves in. And returning to the show to help us get this figured out is Dr. Srini Pillay.

In this episode with Dr. Srini Pillay, we’re chatting about:

* What to do about burnout, depression and anxiety
* Why we should get into the zone of experimentation
* How to be different and get away with it
* And tons more…

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