Tyler Christensen: How to Shed 100 Pounds and Boost Brain Power

What if you could save thousands of dollars every year on your food budget by eating higher quality food?

Our guest today not only lost over 100 pounds in a year, but also saved over two grand on his food budget in the process.

Today we're here with the wonderful Tyler Christensen, an author, designer, creator, host of “After The Run” podcast, and a teacher who spent 15 years in classrooms as an elementary, middle school, and university instructor.

In May of 2018, Tyler weighed over 300 pounds and his wife was concerned for his health. Tyler decided to make a change and within just 12 months, he dropped over 100 pounds, wrote and published two books, built a basement, landscaped his backyard, and read over 100 books.

And on today’s we’re chatting about:

* How to drop 100 pounds in 1 year by shedding 2 pounds a week
* Boosting energy and brain power by getting outside and exercising
* Saving $2000 in 1 year by eating healthier
* How to get a Brain Boost in just 5 minutes

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