Diet Doctor Podcast #51 — Frank Mitloehner, PhD

What is the true impact of livestock on climate change, and will eating less meat significantly impact global warming? That is a topic of hot debate charged with emotion and ideology on both sides of the discussion.

What we eat matters. And how and where we grow our food matters, too. Our discussion with Professor Mitloehner helps clarify these complex issues.

1:50 Welcome, Professor Frank
2:20 How Frank got his PhD in animal science
6:27 Different sources of climate change
10:57 Ruminant, methanes and global warming
19:22 Food vs fossil fuel
23:50 Contribution of a plant-based diet to global warming
26:35 Social issues of meat industries workers
28:33 Frank on the EAT-Lancet report
32:43 Celebrities, the vegan diet and the mainstream media
36:22 Your diet is your personal decision
40:52 Thoughts on the regenerative agriculture
45:39 Socio-economic pressure to the farming community
48:13 Supporting local farmers on food production
50:20 Sustainability: food production as a societal problem
52:44 Where to find Professor Frank

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