The Black Plague: Interesting New Findings

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Today, we’re going to talk about the black plague and some interesting new findings. 

The black plague is also called:

• Black death
• Great plague 
• Bubonic plague  

The interesting findings I want to talk about have to do with nutrition. 

The history of the plague that you may have already heard is that it was caused in the Middle Ages by bacteria-infected fleas and spread by rats.

However, 25 skeletons of victims of the black plague were dug up in a London cemetery. 

A few things that have been discovered from these bones are:

1. Bone showed signs of rickets (rickets is a severe vitamin D deficiency)
2. Signs of malnutrition 
3. Signs of injuries

Vitamin D regulates the immune system. If you’re deficient in vitamin D, it’s going to make you highly susceptible to infections. 

Every year, 7 people in the United States get the bubonic plague. 

There seems to be a relation between severe infections and vitamin deficiencies—especially vitamin D, especially in the winter months. 

To protect yourself against viruses, you need to get enough vitamin D. Supplements are really the best way to get vitamin D, especially in the winter months. 

Overall, the black plague and the Spanish flu are perfect examples of how a nutritional deficiency could potentially set you up for a serious infection.

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