5 Massive Reasons to Eat Ginger on Keto

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5 Massive Reasons to Eat Ginger on Keto - Thomas DeLauer

I promise this isn't going to be some cheesy video on the basic benefits of ginger. I wanted to do something a little bit different and in the world of a low carb diet or just a high fat diet in general, ginger has a plethora of benefits. I've been a fan of ginger for a long time, but I think it's due time that I have a video that specifically talks about the benefits of ginger for a lower carb protocol, like why it's doing certain things, why you should be adding ginger as much as you can throughout the day. Cooking with it, adding it to your water, whatever. All right, so let's just cut right to the chase.

Okay. The first thing, so the low carb or a keto diet or anything like that, it's all about keeping blood sugar stable. Issues with keto arise when blood sugar is bouncing around. It's blood sugar gets high, ketone levels get low. Then you start losing the benefits. You don't feel as good and you're just all over the place. So with the ketogenic diet, we want blood sugar stable. When we have ginger in the mix, it's very, very powerful at modulating blood sugar in a really interesting way. In fact, there was a study that was published. It took a look at 41 participants that were type two diabetics and they gave them either a placebo or they gave them ginger. They wanted to measure this for a period of weeks and see what would happen. They found that the group that had the ginger had a significant reduction in blood sugar and A1C, whereas the group that received placebo had no change in blood sugar and actually saw an increase in A1C overall.

Benefit number two, and this is great if you have trouble digesting fats or perhaps if you have no gallbladder or a gallbladder issue, ginger has been proven to improve bile levels. So basically it improves fat digestion by helping out bile secretion. So the Journal of Ethnopharmacology published a study and they found that literally consuming ginger, because of the acetone byproducts of ginger in our body, allowed more bile to be produced.

Now at first they thought that it just increased the ejection of the bile from the gallbladder. But upon further research with other studies, it's been found that it looks like the ginger itself or the acetone byproducts of ginger once metabolized, just stimulate the production of bile. So this is really, really good news because there's people out there that don't have gallbladders. So if we just improved the ejection of the bile from the gallbladder, then there would be a problem. But bile is made in the liver. So if ginger is actually just improving the bile secretion because it's stimulating production, that's what we want. So it's now going to help you actually metabolize more fat and hopefully burn more fat.

All right, now let's talk about some interesting stuff surrounding nausea and the keto flu. If you're going into keto and you're dealing with just that nauseous feeling of transitioning into keto, you probably are dealing with the keto flu. Well, there's lots of ways that you can combat that. Electrolytes and this and that, but one of the ways that you can directly at least stop the nausea, is by consuming a little bit of ginger. Now this is common knowledge. In fact, it's kind of been used as a morning sickness remedy for a long time. But the way that it works is it stops the signaling of the vagus nerve. So that vagus nerve, it's a good and bad thing. It sends signals from the gut up to the brain, but it can also send those signals that make us nauseous.

So anyhow, don't forget the ginger. Add it to your food, add it to your drinks. It's certainly not going to hurt anything and it tastes pretty darn good and it makes it so you're not craving other foods. As always, keep it locked in here on my channel. We'll see you soon.


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